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What is FHARP?


Our mission is to provide valuable job opportunities in the construction trade, along with life-skills, education and job readiness training for a sustainable future.


Key training areas include: carpentry, painting, drywall, taping, and roofing.


Our program is committed to providing professional guidance and supportive resources to under-served neighborhoods. We aim to build community and family leaders by replacing fear and doubt with hope.

Our history

The Future Hope Apprenticeship Program (FAHP) began in 2003 as an offshoot of the Prison Prevention Ministry Program of the Greater Love Tabernacle Church, a well-respected church located in the Franklin field neighborhood of Dorchester, MA. The Prison Prevention Ministry Program was created in 1994 in order to support members of the congregation with family or friends who were incarcerated. Members of the clergy and volunteers provided one-to-one mentoring for youth and adult inmates. As a natural outgrowth of their work, Greater Love Tabernacle Prison Prevention Ministry continued to counsel offenders upon their release, helping them cope with the many difficult aspects of successful reintegration into the community.


Future Hope Apprentice was established in order to provide re-entry assistance for ex-offenders on a permanent basis. The primary clients are male and female youth offenders and ex-offenders who are in the process of reintegration into their communities. Graduates from a full year of the FHAP will be fully qualified for formal apprenticeship programs in the building trade unions, leading to union membership and permanent jobs.


Led by Reverend Emanuel Hutcherson, the staff and volunteers of FHAP also include psychologists, licensed substance abuse counselors, government and service agencies in addition to credibility with the State of Massachusetts. This is a project that is both inspired and run by the community to be served.

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