Marcus Barrow

The Future Hope Apprenticeship Program was very beneficial to me. I learned basic principles such as customer service and the more intense fundamentals of right angle painting, scaffolding, drywall building, sanding and carpentry. A lot of guys have skills, but the Program really teaches the proper way of doing things. OSHA training and learning the importance of having a good work ethic were the skills taught that I value most.

Charles Skinner

As a graduate of FHAP, I have grown mentally, physically and spiritually. First introduced to the program through a half-way house after spending years in federal prison; I quickly grew fond of the curriculum because it had my success in mind. I learned to become a better person and eventually became an instructor in OSHA training and HVAC after receiving my license. I am now empowered to reach out to troubled youth, make an honest living while also remaining grounded in what I have learned. The Future Hope Apprenticeship Program is for any man or woman with an interest in improving their lives.

Talia Whyte

Future Hope has successfully placed apprentices into jobs and unions all over Boston.

Reginald Daly

Words cannot not express how grateful I am to Reverend Hutcherson and the Future Hope Apprenticeship Program. I moved from being involved on the streets of Boston to a student prepared to work in all aspects of carpentry and drywalling. Questions were answered and patience given to those like myself trying hard to catch on. The courses are hands on and were helpful in reaching my current vocation.